Link TANGEDCO with Aadhaar

Moving forward you can make payment if you have linked your TANGEDCO with Aadhaar else payment will not allowed.

To link it online have your consumer number, Aadhaar number and soft copy of Aadhaar in Jpg/Jpeg format. Once you have it all visit -

Enter consumer number in the first screen. In the next page it will show your consumer number and associated mobile number (for two of my connections the mobile number was incorrect).

So please check the number and click Yes if that is your registered mobile number. If not click No and enter your mobile number to generate OTP. Once OTP verification done, you need to enter the name as registered in Aadhaar, Aadhaar number and upload the soft copy of Aadhaar for verification.

Once everything entered, submit it and you get an SMS regarding linking application.

After verification you will get an SMS saying your request has been approved and you are done. If there is any issue check the TANGEDCO Office for manual verification.


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